Cary Chessick, President & CEO

"KMG has been hired by on multiple occasions for project work.  So my actions may be more important than the words.  Kevin Gross was instrumental in changing a sales process that was deep seeded and in some cases flawed.  Kevin is an intellectual and strategic thinker.  He has a breadth of experience, knows how to set a high goal, and implement a plan to reach that goal.  The added value of having Kevin handle a project is that he has been and continues to be a CEO.  So what I received, in addition to the specific project work that he was hired to do, was CEO level thinking, ideas, and perspective."

Craig Summerfield, Managing Partner


"Through Kevin's insight, I have been able to attack issues with greater clarity, and overcome any obstacle.  Kevin's deep experience in many entrepreneurial roles means that he has faced many of the same hurdles before, and can work with you to provide a clear roadmap for success."

Kali Evans-Raoul, President

The Image Studios

“Because Kevin understood my business so well and so fast, he was able to help me think strategically about what I needed to do to grow my business.  Not only that, he got me to think expansively.  Because I trusted him so much, I believed him when he said if you do this, that will happen, even though it seemed totally over the top.  And it has happened.  Kevin said to me, if you start talking about what you do in the right way, you’ll experience quantum growth.  Not phenomenal growth, not spectacular growth, but quantum growth.  He was right: In one week, we had two new corporate and four individual clients, all unsolicited.  And they were the right kind of clients.  Kevin has helped us see ourselves in the driver’s seat; we get to choose how we want to grow and what clients we want.  Quite simply, if you haven’t worked with Kevin, I’m sure you are not performing optimally!”

Raman Chadha, Executive Director

Coleman Center for Entrepreneurship

“As an experienced entrepreneur with an instinct for business, Kevin and his team understand how to build organizations.  He has the unique skill of knowing when to be a strategic thinker and knowing when to be a tactical doer.”

Dr. Harold Welsch

DePaul University

“Trust and superior communication exemplify Kevin’s personality and character.  I would have no hesitation to contract a large, complex and sensitive undertaking with KMG.”

Natalie Goldfein, Founder

Inspiring Energy Coaching & Consulting

“For the last two years, Kevin has been gently coaxing and guiding me towards seeing myself more grandly as an entrepreneur.  He has helped me move out of my own self-imposed mental professional limitations in a world filled with possibility and options.

Most recently, Kevin helped me completely turn my thinking about my fee structure on its head as he assisted me in preparing a proposal for a major international electronics retailer.  I couldn’t argue with his logic.  End of story - I landed the client, and through that experience I now have been able to move my business forward exponentially.

I am grateful to him, and I know that anyone who has the opportunity to work with him is not only lucky...but also wise.”

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